Brandon Harden

Brandon Harden is an owner of Seven Times Six, an online Pop Culture Apparel Company, that was established in 2005 as Real Deal Sales LLC.

Brandon started in the field of Finance with Fidelity Investments in 1999 and was a Sr. Financial Advisor with their managed portfolio in which he visited with high net worth customers to assist with diversifying their portfolios.  While working at Fidelity, Harden graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in English in 2006. These customers consistently told him the same theme, if you want to become wealthy you need to own your own business.  That opportunity presented itself initially during the Real Estate boom of the early part of the century as he teamed with a few colleagues at Fidelity to start a Real Estate Investment Company.  Later after the success that he experienced with Real Estate, investing another opportunity presented itself to get involved with E-Retail and in 2007 he chose to leave Fidelity permanently to pursue a career with Online Retail by purchasing an ownership stake in Real Deal Sales.

Real Deal Sales started as a lost freight/salvage business that focused on media products and sold primarily on eBay.  Soon the products expanded to all categories and remained steady until 2010 when the owners at Real Deal Sales decided to shift the business focus from salvage to manufacturing and building a more traditional Retail business.  During this transition, they established themselves in the Apparel category and now sell under the brand Seven Times Six in which the focus is on Pop Culture apparel products.